Product Design and Creativity

Evalcris’ Creative Department is in charge of transforming each idea to become true. Product design starts with a sketch, some colors, slogan, until the final product is done, with its materials, shapes and mesures…

Our professional staff works on the whole creative process and reviews the result of it, always with fresh ideas and working side by side with our account managers to aim the best result for our customers.

We can also make copies of other products that have been already done, modify and customize them in the creative process, so the final result will be as our client exactly wants.

If it is about a brand new product, we usually recurr to our Asian Factories to make them, always thinking about the quality and warrantee certificates we can offer.

In order to make this brand new products, we start with a main idea, design or sketch that our clients sent to us. If there is none, we can design it. Once all the changes that the client wants are done, and always with the OK to the proofs, factories start to work.

Some products that we design the most:

  • Customized Pendrive USB, made of silicon or resin
  • Customized Keychain
  • Customized bags, made with different materials, textures and shapes
  • Customized towels, made with different materials, textures and colors
  • Balls
  • Sport Bags
  • Some brand new gadgets, such as jewelry,…
  • Medals, trophies,…
  • Any product you can imagine, we create it for you

For further information, you can contact us.

Some of the products we have designed