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Buying from China with Evalcris

We have our own International Department based in Hong Kong, that reviews the factories and coordinates all the projects we make in the Asian continent. Import products that arrive to Evalcris from China have all the European normatives and warrantees.

In Evalcris, we can say we have good and stablished relationships with factories and we select among all of them the one who is closer at our clients’ need. These business affairs have been growing along the years and allow us to trust their responsabilities, shipments and the best prices.

Thanks to our offices in Hong Kong and Ningbo, we can speak the same language with our sellers and discuss issues every day, so problems and changes can be solved immediately.


Advantages of our Import Service

There are several advantages of our Import Service: prices are lower, reliable projects and products can be 100% customized, all of this with deadlines set up.

From our China Department we can offer:


Most of the problems we can find when it comes to Import from China, can be solved by our sellers, so our relationship with them must be professional, no matter the project is or would be.

We will work as mediatory for Import Services. Commodities must be ready in our offices or in the seller stores and our professional staff will pick them up, review it and even take some pictures of them. Our China sellers will check and solve all process about custom home, but we, as mediatory company, will bring to our customers the warrantees, reporting and solving everything we know as fast as we can.


Stockist in China

Four main factors will determinate our stockist and factories in China are: quality, certificates, prices and trust in every part of the process, reporting everything to the customer.

Pareo promocional de Venus Gilette por Evalcris

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