Transfer printing has diverse varieties of printing. Each one is used according to the design and item’s material. Even though, all of them are based on the same technique, which is printing with ink on a silicon paper. Then, this paper will be placed alonside a textile material and will be printed by heating it with a termic sheet.

Unlike other printing techniques, thanks to transfer printing we will have optium results on textile products. Another advantage of transfer printing is that no screens are needed for the process, so it is quite cheaper if the designs has too many colors.

There are 3 main transfer printing techniques among the most used: serigraph transfer printing, digital transfer printing and vinyl transfer.


Serigraph transfer printing

As screen printing, the process is the same, but in this case the design is printed on silicon paper. Results are more sparkling and durable, and it allows to print usign more colors than conventional screen printing.


Digital transfer printing

Unlike the last one, digital transfer printing consists in printing the design right from the computer. As a result, quality will be higher and details will be more visible. The rest of the process will be the same.


Vinyl transfer

In this process the design will be printed on a vinyl sheet, that will be plotted and placed on the item later. Then, as the rest of transfer techniques, will be heaten according to add the design to the material.

Due to its process and materials, it is a printing process that we usually work with just on textile. You can see this technique on:

  • Shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Bags
  • Hats
  • Cases

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Some products printed with different transfer techniques