Embossing or Heat Stamping

Embossing or heat stamping is a very ancient technique that engraves the design or logo through pressure and heat.

The item is placed inside a machine that pressures and produces heat at the same time. This way, results will have more durability.

This technique is used on leather, leatherette, paper and also on metal sheets.

Sometimes, embossing can be ink printed at the end, for example, silver printed, so the results are brilliant and ellegant. In Evalcris we reccomend to print it if the material and textures are correct.

In Evalcris we use embossing or heat stamping on:

  • Notebooks
  • Wallets
  • Calling cards
  • Any other items and products made of materials such as leather, leatherette, paper,…

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Embossing or heat stamped item examples